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 Paws Plus You 

- Force Free - Positive Reinforcement - canine coaching methods - 

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The key to effective training is positive reinforcement.  It teaches our dogs what we want them to do by repeating behavior that is reinforced by giving your dog treats, toys, praise, or something else they like.  Studies show that owners who use positive reinforcement rated their dog’s obedience higher and using reward based training methods may end up creating a well-balanced obedient dog with fewer problem behaviors.      
Paws Plus You wants to take the time to create a trusting lifelong partnership with your dog!  We want to teach our pet parents how to read your dog’s body language to avoid overwhelming situations, teach how dog’s learn, and teach how to give your dog guidance and direction.  We want to be your team and support so that you can feel confident in reaching out to us, as learning for your dog is a continuous process no matter at what age!  

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- Certified Professional Dog Trainers - Insured - Affordable -

Dog behavior issues

we can help with include:

  • Barking at inappropriate times

  • Basic obedience

  • Biting or mouthing

  • Chewing

  • Coming when called

  • Digging

  • Door manners

  • House & crate training

  • Jumping

  • Leash pulling or lunging

  • Mild aggression behavior

  • Separation anxiety 

  • & Others

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The Classes.......

 We want to be your support team so you can feel confident in your dog's learning as they continue to change throughout their life's journey.

Training to bring out the best in them!

Our Mission
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No matter what stage of life your

paws & you are in!

  • Communication:  We want to customize training so that your dog can put their best paw forward while also giving owners the education they need to create a safe environment.  We want to see your dog have the confidence to succeed for a lifetime.

  • Positive Methods:  Paws Plus You training methods are not only fun for your dog, but for yourself as well! Positive training is scientifically proven to not only change problem behavior, but prevent them as well.

  • Individual Attention:  Each class will have a trainer and at least 1 assistant.  Every dog will receive some one on one time during their class.  Did we mention each class size is 6 dogs maximum?  Though we consider these GROUP CLASSES, the attention your dog receives will be comparable to a semi-private lesson.

  • Our Mission: Paws Plus You is dedicated to training canines and educating pet parents on solutions to behavior problems, teach basic manners, and learning life skills by using force free positive reinforcement methods which are scientifically proven.  We want to strive to strengthen the human-canine relationship and to help meet the needs of your canine, build trust, and create a happy successful life for the entire family.  We hope with our efforts that this will make an impact of less canines relinquished to animal shelters and rescue groups due to behavior issues. 

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Contact Us.......

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phone: 810.214.3660


mail address:  Paws Plus You

c/o Wendy Yax

4501 Diehl Rd - Metamora, MI 48455

Classes at: 

The Lodge for Pampered Pets

3397 S Lapeer Rd  Metamora MI 48455

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