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Age: 10 weeks -  6 months

& Socially shy adolescent dogs

6 Puppies per session

Fee: $15 each session

paid upon arrival

Will be on a Friday 7:15pm-8:15pm

We will announce the upcoming dates on our Facebook page, so be sure to follow us @

Paws Plus You   810-214-3660

It's a fun, affordable, and convenient way to have a social time with the puppies while playing with enrichment items.


Paws Plus You offers these fun, upbeat 1 hour session to enhance your pup's socialization skills with other 10 week - 6 month old pups!  It's a great opportunity to hobnob with the pups while having a fun educational playtime! 


Puppy Hobnob will work on proper introductions, meet & greets, appropriate play methods, and learning body language while socializing and introducing to novel objects in the play area.  ​​

Our certified trainers will assist with:

  • How to greet other dogs appropriately

  • Help with observing different signs of canine body language

  • What signs to look for when we have to intervene before a problem arise

This play time learning for both you and your puppy!

Parent(s) will  need to be present the whole hour.

​No two Puppy Hobnob sessions will be exactly the same!

You'll want to come back to another one so keep your eye on our schedule and watch for our posting on Facebook.

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