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This class is for anyone interested in teaching some basic manners, whether you are looking for a refresher for your older dog, wanting to introduce some basics to your adolescent pup, or perhaps you just adopted a rescue/shelter dog and want to create a bonding relationship from the start.

This class will expose your canine to different items, learn basic obedience cues with adding in distance, duration, and distractions, discussion on behavioral issues, and most of all we have FUN!

Some of the behavioral issues Paws Plus You will cover:

  •   Chewing/Destruction

  •   Jumping

  •   Digging

  •   Counter surfing

  •   Stealing Objects

  •   Preventing resource guarding​


Basic obedience cues dogs will learn:

  •   Focus

  •   Sit

  •   Down

  •   Stay

  •   Go to Mat

  •   Recall (come)

  •   Leave it

  •   Target

  •   Loose leash walking


Class is one hour per week for 6 consecutive weeks on Thursday afternoons from 5:15-6:15pm. There will be a set lesson plan each week.

You will be given several handouts and homework assignments as well.

The last day of our Basic Fundamentals class we will have a graduation celebration with a diploma given to each dog!

Classes are held at Pet Supplies Plus in Lapeer which offers a unique learning setting.  Because the training is done within a public store, there may be a level of noise & distraction that you wouldn’t otherwise have at our other location, The Lodge for Pampered Pets in Metamora. We will maximize on this opportunity so your puppy can start their real world experience which is crucial to their learning to focus. 

Our goal at Paws Plus You is to give you and your dog the tools to respond to situations in a positive way to maintain a happy successful life for the entire family.

**No aggressive or reactive dogs in class please.  If your dog is experiencing reactivity than please reach out to us to discuss other options.**

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