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Age: 6 months -  Adult

Fee: $135

This class is currently not a scheduled class.

We are offering it based on sign-ups.

Contact us for more information & when our next class is.  Wait time is not long!

Phone: 810.214.3660

This class is designed for raising confidence in your canine that is displaying fear & anxiety in the home or public. 


Does your dog show signs of fear such as trembling, hiding, reactivity, and escaping behavior?  We will show you how to read your canine's body language and to recognize when they are stressed, displaying fear, and anxiety.

Fear and anxiety can occur in dogs for many different reasons. For example, loud noises, storms, fireworks, and unfamiliar people and places could all trigger fear and anxiety.

You will learn some calming solutions to apply such as:

  • Calming exercises

  • Confidence building tricks

  • Introduction to canine enrichment

There will be a set lesson plan each week.

You will be given several handouts and homework assignments as well.

Our goal at Paws Plus You is to give you and your puppy the tools to respond to situations in a positive way to maintain a happy successful life for the entire family.

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