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Professional training tailored to your dog's needs!


Paws Plus You gives private lessons at your home or at our training facility.  We offer a FREE phone consult to discuss the needs of your dog and then build a custom training plan after we meet for an initial consultation.

From teaching basic manners, to managing fear or minor aggression – private lessons teach you and your dog the exact skills you need for a peaceful and cooperative day-to-day life together.

Private training gives you:

  • 1-on-1 instruction - individual attention for you and your dog

  • Efficient, focused solutions for the topics that matter most to you

  • Time saved on travel - we can come to you!

  • Convenient scheduling that fits around your schedule

  • Training plan for fearful or anxious dogs right from the comfort of home

  • A happy, cooperative, well-behaved dog!

Our training may include:

  • Puppy Topics: House training, crate training, mouthing

  • Essential Training: Sit, stay, down stay, recall

  • Additional Training: Leave it, drop it, wait

  • Leash Training: Leash manners, loose leash walking

  • Relaxation: Mat/place training, impulse control exercises

  • Behavior Modification: Decreasing unwanted behaviors

  • Field Trips: Training with public distractions

Our goal at Paws Plus You is to give you and your canine the tools to respond to situations in a positive way to maintain a happy successful life for the entire family.

Every client will need an in home consultation that we may meet your canine, evaluate their behavior, and gather much important information.  After, we will create a training plan that will accommodate you and your canine needs.

The Group Package of 6 weeks Private Lessons will have a graduation celebration with a diploma given to your pup on the last training day!

Whether you want a one-time consultation or sign up for a group package, we work on what is convenient for you and your dog.  Please call if you have any questions: 810-214-3660

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