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Create a trusting relationship between you and your dog by building a strong learning foundation which will last a lifetime!


Did you acquire a new puppy?  Start your pup off on the right paw!  The most important thing in a puppy's life between the age of 3 weeks and 16 weeks is 'socialization'. 

Our class starts off with educating the pet parents on important topics as:

  • Canine development stages

  • Importance of socialization

  • Canine body language

  • Health topics

  • Positive reinforcement

  • How to set your puppy up for a successful life

Our puppy preschool class is designed so your puppy will become confident to go out and explore their exciting world utilizing the tools they learn:

  • Basic obedience

  • Self-control to prevent unwanted behaviors

  • Form good habits

  • Manage their home environment

  • Proper handling

  • Provide positive experiences with unknown people and dogs

Introduce your puppy to some basic obedient cues using force free positive reinforcement:

  • Name, focus, sit, target, recall (come), loose leash walking

Learn how to deal with typical puppy challenges:

  • Mouthing, chewing, house training, jumping

There will be a set lesson plan each week.

You will be given several handouts and homework assignments as well.

The last day of our Puppy Preschool class we will have a graduation celebration with a diploma given to each pup!

Our goal at Paws Plus You is to give you and your puppy the tools to respond to situations in a positive way to maintain a happy successful life for the entire family.

**No aggressive or reactive dogs in class please.  If your dog is experiencing reactivity than please reach out to us to discuss other options.**

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