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Paws Plus You’s Talent Show Tricks Class is here! 


Aren’t you amazed when you watch dogs perform tricks?  Dogs are extremely smart, fast learners, and can be taught tricks at any age.  Our companions love to have our attention and would do anything to please us and earn rewards.

Teach your dog tricks!


Trick Training is so beneficial for your dog:

  • Confidence building

  • Builds your bond with your dog

  • Challenges their mind providing enrichment

  • Improves Patience

  • Helps with impulse control

  • Provides physical exercise

  • Is so fun!

Your dog will learn up to 20 tricks including:

  • Play dead

  • Army crawl

  • Sit Pretty

  • Spin

  • Roll over

  • And many more...

Class is one hour per week for 4 consecutive weeks on Monday late afternoon from 5:30-6:30pm.

Using force free, positive reinforcement methods, we will learn new tricks each week and practice learned tricks in a small and informal class.  There will be no pressure to perform.  We want this to be a fun class for you and your dog.  We will start with easy tricks and work up to harder tricks at your dog’s level.


On the last day of class we will have a “TRICK SHOW” performance where your dog can show off the new tricks they’ve learned and receive a graduation certification for their accomplishments.

Your friends and family will be so impressed when you show off your dogs new tricks!

Classes are held at Pet Supplies Plus in Lapeer which offers a unique learning setting.  Because the training is done within a public store, there may be a level of noise & distraction that you wouldn’t otherwise have at our other location, The Lodge for Pampered Pets in Metamora. We will maximize on this opportunity so your puppy can start their real world experience which is crucial to their learning to focus.

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